TInnGO Open Data Repository

The TInnGO Open Data Repository (T-ODR) is a global repository for gender-related data collections in the transport sector (e.g. gender-related citizen mobility, transport safety & security, surveys, research outcomes, etc.).
Data access is free, respecting license terms & conditions.

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On this page you will find related resources for gender and mobility and data generated/collected in TInnGO.

Materials include reports, publications, Gender and Diversity Action Plans (GaDAPs), training materials…   

Open Innovation Platform

Give your feedback on our design ideas, engage in a dialogue with the TInnGO team and browse our good practice examples in the field of gender smart mobility!

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Open Data Repository

Access data that is gender and diversity sensitive and upload and manage your own data collections!

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Gender and Diversity Action Plans

Check out the context specific Gender and Diversity Action Plans developed by our 10 national hubs…

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Training materials

Our training materials and guides will contain 10 modules.

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Portraits of successful women

Read motivating and inspirational case studies of successful women employed in the fields of transport and smart mobility.

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Interviews with experts

Discover a set of interviews with experts on gender smart mobility.

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Survey on mobility patterns

Discover the results from our mobility patterns survey carried out in 10 European cities.

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Explore the list of articles and book chapters that have been published in the framework of the TInnGO project.

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Take a look at our library of gender and mobility reports. You will find publications on different topics: transport planning, inclusive transport, safety, transport connectivity, etc.

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TInnGO Incident Reports Tool

The TInnGO Incident Reports Tool is an online tool for the crowdsourced collection and visualization of anonymous incident reports around the world. It covers harassment, accidents, suspicious behaviour, law-violation, hazard, safety-issues, public-service incidents, transportation issues, etc.