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10 European hubs are collecting, analysing and producing local data, fostering discussions and building networks…

They explore issues of local importance in gender and diversity sensitive smart mobility, ranging from safety to smart biking. Their aim is to prepare and spread the information needed to address barriers to women’s mobility through gendered, culturally sensitive smart innovations.

Each hub covers a city or region in Europe and are led by European institutions and organisations.

You can access the work of the hub that addresses your topic of interest by clicking on its name below.

TInnGO Hubs Map

Our approach

The hubs, set up by the TInnGO project, are carrying out their work based on four main phases.

  • PHASE 1

    National research data and practical knowledge is collected by each hub.

  • PHASE 2

    Knowledge is consolidated and translated into coordinated research priorities that address specific gender problems in the individual country. ABM and predictive modelling are used to investigate gaps in transport provisions and predict new service provisions.

  • PHASE 3

    Gender Action Plans, Gender Impact Assessments and gender mainstreaming tools are delivered and will be applied in each hub and across their networks. The idea labs  of each hub (TInnGIdLabs), which aim to encourage local stakeholders and communities to engage with smart mobility and gender issues relevant to them will be run as popup design factories/fab labs in each city. They will share experiences and ideas through the community platform on the observatory. Feedback is provided to inform any iterative development. This will relate to identified areas (mobility, safety and security, employment, education, opportunity and innovation) and specifically for the various stakeholders, ranging from IT developers and urban planners to municipal decision-makers.

  • PHASE 4

    The national hubs, their idea labs (TInnGIDlabs), the observatory and the general approach of the TInnGO project will be evaluated and sustainability plans drawn up.