TInnGO Greek hub


The Greek Hub continues to the second stage of its Action Plan. Following the identification and analysis of different needs and challenges that vulnerable groups such as women and disabled people face in public transportation, in regard to customer service and safety. Local stakeholders will be persuaded to provide solutions.


The Greek TinnGO Hub aims to support gender mainstreaming into areas of policy-making,
analyse specific transport requirements and needs of different groups of women using or being
employed at Public Transport, including the identification of transport requirements of elderly and of pregnant women.

The Greek hub is focusing on the enrichment of gender related statistics in national and regional context, the engagement of local and regional stakeholders and the sensitization and awareness-raising regarding gender related issues in the area of smart mobility with public transport.


The Greek Hub is managed by LEVER, a research and development consultancy and SBOING, a high-tech ICT SME that implements innovative mobile technologies and related systems, applications and services.

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Mrs Konstantia Karagkouni

Mr Iason Tamiakis

Mr Fotis K. Liotopoulos

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