TInnGO Italian hub


Sharing mobility: another gender issue?   The Italian hub aims to raise attention to the perception of shared modes services among women and how they can be exploited to reduce the gender mobility gap. The analysis of available datasets and the interaction with the stakeholders and users are the main points in the Hub activities.


The Italian TInnGO Hub focuses on the specific activities related with the interest and use of shared modes, such as bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling etc. and with their potential in implementing a transport system that is gender neutral with regard to both usability and opportunities.

The Italian Hub aims to measure how shared mobility services contribute in reducing the gender mobility gap (e.g. in a household with only one car that is used by husband) and the suitability of sharing mobility services to satisfy special mobility needs (e.g. parents traveling with children).


The Italian Hub is managed by the City of Torino and Politecnico di Torino.

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Ms Miriam Pirra

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