GaDAP Explanatory video – German Hub



  • Topic: New perspectives, approaches and tools to strengthen the participation culture
  • Location: Germany

Read more about the German hub here.

TInnGO Hub German Hub is working on a Gender and Diversity Action Plan with Region Hannover.

The aim is to introduce new perspectives, approaches and tools to strengthen the participation culture. Within the framework of the collaboration with the Region Hannover, TInnGO Hub German Hub is addressing the two main issues:

  • Gender- and diversity sensitive methods of collecting and evaluating mobility data
  • Gender- and diversity sensitive participation measures in the context of mobility planning

As a result, measures and tools are proposed to gain a more comprehensive view of the needs of users of public transport. This will enable providers to create more successful and sustainable mobility services. The measures to improve participation culture include:

  • An Open Street Map based participation tool to perform public transport line specific, flexible and gender- and diversity sensitive queries.
  • Guidelines with the most important aspects, issues and hints for a gender- and diversity-sensitive access to, provision and use of participation measures and mobility data collection and evaluation measures.
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