On this page you will find different reports on gender and transport. Reports cover topics such as transport connectivity, accessibility, transport planning, inclusive and sustainable transport, safety in transport, gender research perspectives, etc.

Under the category “TInnGO reports” you will find documents created in the framework of the TInnGO project while the category “Other reports on gender smart mobility” contains reports of interest published by other organisations.

TInnGO reports

The report “Towards inclusive mobility: Women’s needs and behaviours in the Paris Region”, created by the French hub, aims at presenting the main issues related to gender and mobility in the Paris region.

Looking at the socio-economic context of the region, it provides elements of analysis to a foreign and English speaking audience that does not have access to national and regional literature written in French.

Other reports on gender and transport

In this section you will find useful reports on the topic of gender smart mobility that were published by relevant associations, national and international organisations.

If you are interested in a specific topic, use the filters below to look at the reports and books addressing that issue. If you click on a report in the list you will see a short summary and a link towards the report itself (please note that some of the reports are not freely accessible).