Gender equality and mobility: mind the gap!


This CIVITAS policy note focuses on the topic of gender-sensitive mobility planning. “Achieving the target of sustainability in urban mobility also means considering the needs of different users and thereby offering equal levels of accessibility to transport to all different groups. The need to adopt a gender-sensitive perspective is emerging as a challenging and impending task for urban mobility policy makers and planners. In this sense, to be effective, urban mobility policy action needs to be more gender-sensitive”.

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CIVITAS Policy Note. Smart choices for cities. Gender equality and mobility: mind the gap. The publication was produced by the CIVITAS WIKI consortium. The policy note was compiled by Silvia Maffii, Patrizia Malgieri and Caterina Di Bartolo (TRT, Italy). Special recognition is due to Citizens Mobility and its contributors for their proactive participation in the collaborative interaction, as well as to Mike McDonald (WIKI advisor), Tariq van Rooijen (TNO) and Simone Bosetti (TRT, Italy) for the review of the manuscript.

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