GaDAP Policy brief – French Hub



  • Topic: Towards inclusive mobility in the Paris region
  • Location: France

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This policy brief aims at presenting the main issues related to gender and mobility in the Paris region. Similar to many other metropolitan areas around Europe, women in the Paris region tend to rely more on public transport and walking and have different commuting needs and behaviours than men. These differences are a result of gendered societal roles and socio-economic conditions that structure men’s and women’s daily lives. Safety and security issues, for example, greatly influence mobility practices as women are more likely to be victims of assault and harassment. Fear of assaults or potential traffic accidents generates apprehension for alternative mobility modes such as bicycles, motorcycles and e-kick scooters. This apprehension  affects women’s behaviours even beyond their transportation choices, forcing them, for example, to change the way they are dressed or the time of the day they go out. Addressing these issues is key to enhancing women’s freedom of movement and ensure equal access and comfortable user experiences to all in the Île-de-France region.

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