WoMentors Network. A manual to identify a female mentor


The UK hub has created a booklet `WoMentors Network. A manual to identify a female mentor` This free and easily accessible booklet is for women interested in a career in transport or smart mobility. The booklet:

  • consists of a step-by-step guide on how to find and manage a supportive relationship with a female mentor
  • includes a wealth of contact details to existing networks and organisations connecting women working in the transport sector and gives advice on how to reach out to them to find potential mentors
  • features successful women working in transport whose profiles represent leadership that is not based on competition but leading with the focus on equality, while connecting, caring, innovating, and collaborating with other women.

We hope the material will serve the wider public and inspire women to enter careers in transport or smart mobility. Encouraging women to pursue a rewarding career in the industry is vital in fostering an equal, gender balanced, more inclusive transport workforce.



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