GaDAP Explanatory video – Baltic Hub



  • Topic: Gender equal employment opportunities in the transport sector & STEM studies
  • Location: Baltic countries

Find out more about the Baltic hub here.

The Baltic hub aims to contribute to gender-equal employment opportunities in the future transport system by analysing the main barriers for women to work in transport companies and suggesting ways of eliminating them and understanding the reasons why women rarely choose STEM studies in Smart Mobility. During hub practices, the Baltic hub has been working with the stakeholders representing public transport and technical universities in order to address gender and diversity related issues. To dive deeper into the topic, we have closely cooperated with one of the tech-oriented universities while working on a Gender and Diversity Action Plan. The purpose of the cooperation was to introduce the strategies, aiming at attracting more women to choose STEM and mobility related studies as well as encouraging gender and other diversity in staff (lecturer) of the university. In order to generate a corresponding strategy of Gender and Diversity Action plan with an aim to make the relevant field inclusive for gender and diversity, 3 dimensions of the wanted outcome were indicated:

  • Attractiveness
  • Effectiveness
  • Inclusiveness

As a result, measures have been proposed to foster equally attractive conditions for gender and diversity-related aspects and to improve the gender balance both:

  • among students
  • and employees (professors).
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