Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development: A Gender Perspective


This third edition of the International Transport Forum Compendium on Women in Transport focuses on the role of innovation in promoting gender equality in the sector. The report contains examples of transport innovations that could result in a more diverse and inclusive transport system.

The report contains contributions from several TInnGO members:

  • Andree Woodcock, Co-ordinator of TInnGO H2020 Project, Professor at Coventry University & Miriam Pirra, Italian TInnGO Hub Leader, Researcher, Politecnico di Torino
    Fostering women’s participation in STEM education, pages 31-32
  • Malin Henriksson and Michala Hvidt Breengaard, Senior Researchers at VTI
    Is shared mobility innovative enough for gender needs? pages 19-20

ITF (2021), “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development: A Gender Perspective”, OECD Publishing, Paris.

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