Workshop Transport and Gender



The main objective of the document is to explain and highlight the principle conclusions obtained from the event and workshop carried out on 24th September in Valencia, organised by the Spanish TInnGO hub. Major players from the field of transport and logistics met in a workshop that focused on adapting transport services, safety, and employability from a gender perspective.

The objective of this workshop, which served to present the TInnGO project, was to gather information, and share the experiences and different points of view of logistics and transport industry professionals who are interested in promoting equality for women in this area.

The attendees participated in a debate in which ideas and opinions were exchanged. The main theme was the existing needs and challenges that transport has to deal with in order to respond to people’s diverse needs.

Throughout the debate, gender differences, the need for inclusive services adapted to the population, safety and accessibility in transport, and the transport working environment were addressed.

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