GaDAP Explanatory video – Spanish Hub



  • Topic: Women’s safety and security as users of public and private transport means & women’s working opportunities in the transport sector
  • Location: Spain

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ITENE has been working on a Gender and Diversity Action Plan with Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana, the railway company that manages the public transport services of Valencia train and tram. The aim was to introduce some improvements to the equality plan that the company already had. The participation of the Valencian public sector company in this study consisted in finding out the perception of their employees about two main points:

  • gender equality and diversity
  • and the access to internal promotion.

To this end, the personnel answered a questionnaire that was the basis for the strategic plan. This strategic plan includes lines of action to encourage internal promotion and foster equal access to positions traditionally held by men. As a result, measures have been proposed to foster equal opportunities in internal promotion processes, and to improve accessibility both • for employees (to offices and workspaces) • and users (to vehicles and facilities). The measures to improve internal promotion opportunities include:

  • participation of women in visibility activities,
  • mentoring for women who want to climb the career ladder within the Valencian public-sector company,
  • and the implementation of further actions to promote work-life balance.
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