TInnGO Portuguese hub


The TInnGO Portuguese Hub seeks to deliver better access to key mobility services through an accessible and socially inclusive transport system in Lisbon, by removing the barriers to travel and ensuring that social impacts are addressed in policy development and service delivery.


The Portuguese Hub will primarily operate to collect and analyse information regarding transport patterns and mobility at national and local level and to promote in practice the development of evidence-based, gender-sensitive policies. The objective of the Hub is to enable safe, secure, accessible, reliable and sustainable mobility, and a non-discriminatory participation in transport for women.

The Portuguese Hub aims to analyse relevant statistics and research on gender issues and to look beyond the numbers in order to produce new knowledge on innovative services, which increase the level of safety and security of women in public transport.


The Portuguese Hub is managed by EMEL, a Public Municipal Company for Parking and Mobility in Lisbon, and VTM, a leading Portuguese consultancy company, with 35 years, focused in the areas of transport, infrastructure and services planning and development, mobility, traffic engineering, road safety, logistics and waste management.

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