GaDAP Explanatory video – Scandinavian Hub



  • Topic: Bike-sharing
  • Location: Scandinavia

Read more about the Scandinavian hub here.

TInnGO Scandinavian Hub is working on a Gender and Diversity Action Plan for bike-sharing in Linköping, Sweden. The aim is to deliver a Gender and Diversity Action Plan translated as a ‘gender and diversity inclusive bike-sharing service for different socio-economic groups’ The vision includes:

• A bike-sharing system that includes a selection of different bicycles
• A bike-sharing system that uses geofencing technology to enable connections to a variety of residential areas.
• The bike-sharing system reach wider target groups through residential and/or workplace subscriptions

As a result, measures and tools are proposed by VTI: Produced a short video that communicates potential justice consequences of the system. Target group: politicians and public officials. Produced a policy brief that communicates how the system is used today from a diversity perspective –and how the system can be developed to increase diversity. Target group: politicians and public official Identified potential funding opportunities to include a more diverse fleet of bicycles in the system WHERE TO GO While the stakeholders agree on that a more diverse fleet of bicycle’s would open up for a diverse user groups, and improve equality, there are a number of obstacles that needs to be addressed. To include different bicycles comes with high investment and maintenance costs, as well as technical problems. The cost of a “one size fits all” model is also expensive, and is a current challenge for the operator. Therefore, to support the stakeholders in communicating the importance of not only bike-sharing but inclusive bike-sharing is the next step, where the communication material VTI produced is key. To suggest finding opportunities that can support new and inclusive business models and invite the stakeholders as partners is the next step.

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