Ines Kawgan-Kagan – Germany



  • Title: Inclusive mobility is not a matter of image
  • Location: Germany

Ines Kawgan-Kagan has a PhD in Traffic Systems and acts as a consultant to municipalities and companies on gender and mobility. She is the Managing Director of the AEM Institute and is a researcher in the mobility research group at Goethe University Frankfurt. She is passionate about innovative mobility, transport and gender and other diversity aspects. Her mission is to promote social justice, equity and equality in mobility. This dimension of sustainability is often left out. She helps companies in the field of transport and mobility to achieve diversity with a special focus on gender. This includes work culture as well as users. Her PhD thesis at the Technische Universität Berlin centred on the gender mobility gap in terms of innovative mobility availability. She is a lecturer and trainer at several institutions and universities. Her interdisciplinary background gives her a holistic view on the topics of mobility, transport and society, and she aims to create awareness on the subject and share her knowledge to shape future mobility.

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