TInnGO makes available the following set of materials:

  • Gender and Diversity Action Plans:
    • Policy briefs: these briefs summarise the findings from the work on Gender and Diversity Action Plans (GaDAPs) that the TInnGO hubs have carried out.
    • Explanatory videos: in these videos the 10 TInnGO hubs explain how they have developed their GaDAPs.
  • Training materials: eight interactive training modules focusing on different aspects addressed by the TInnGO project.
  • Educational materials: citizen social science course aimed at individuals that want to engage citizens in conducting social research in the field of gender smart mobility & inspirational cases of women in transport.
  • Motivational portraits: motivating and inspirational case studies of successful women employed in the fields of transport and smart mobility.
  • Experts interviews: interviews to 20 experts and opinion leaders in the field of gender smart mobility.
  • Guides: helpful manuals and step-by-step guides on different topics
  • Reports: useful publications on the topic of gender smart mobility that were published by relevant associations, national and international organisations.

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