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Ronald Jurianto: my experience with TInnGO

My internship with TInnGO has been an eye-opener. It was my first time designing as a professional. I had to learn and adapt quickly on multiple occas...

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Hashir Saleem: my experience with TInnGO

Working on vehicle designs with the TinnGO Team has been very useful for me in terms of being able to focus on gender and diversity aspects in design,...

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Lessons learned in West Midlands: vulnerable groups and travelling

How do people belonging to vulnerable groups travel in the West Midlands and what changes would they like to see? Research, conducted in 2018, seeks a...

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The Gender Perspective of Time Use in Portugal

On the TInnGO Data Repository, there is an interesting policy brief of the research project National Survey on Time Use by Men and Women, carried out ...

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A handy booklet to identify a female mentor in transport or smart mobility

We are delighted to announce that the UK HUB have created a booklet `WoMentors Network. A manual to identify a female mentor` This free and easily acc...

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Gender Impact Assessment in transport

The European Commission defines Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) the following way:  “The estimation of the different effects (positive, negativ...

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Why more and more OECD countries switch to Gender Budgeting

Gender Budgeting, as its name shows, has its focus on the gender aspects of financial patterns and decisions. As OECD reported in 2019,&nbsp...

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National premiere in Romania: The first men’s football tournament refereed entirely by… women!

The idea of the TInnGIDLab Alba Iulia team generates a national premiere in Romania: the very first men’s football tournament refereed entire...

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Micromobility: how smart can it be?

The Romanian Hub of TInnGO, together with the Alba Iulia’s TInngIDLab were involved today in one of the most interesting national mobility workshops o...

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What is norm criticism and why is it useful?

First, one should rather ask: what is NOT norm criticism?  Norm criticism does not mean that we criticise the fact that we have norms in socie...

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