Marta Serrano, collaborator of the Spanish hub of TInnGO, new manager of EMT València

Marta Serrano, collaborator of the Spanish hub of TInnGO, new manager of EMT València

Marta Serrano, collaborator of the Spanish hub of TInnGO, new manager of EMT València

Marta Serrano at the Multistakeholder Forum

The engineer Marta Serrano, founder of the association Mujeres en Movimiento (Women in Movement) and collaborator of the Spanish hub of the TInnGO project, led by ITENE, has recently been appointed as the new managing director of the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de València (Municipal Transport Company of Valencia, EMT).

Serrano, who is the first woman to manage the public company in its 35 years of history, has collaborated intensively with the Spanish hub of the TInnGO project in her capacity as founder of Mujeres en Movimiento giving her vital testimony in the transport sector, as well as participating as a speaker at the Breakfast ‘Equality and Gender’, held at the Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Centre (ITENE) on 18th December 2019.

In addition, Marta Serrano participated as a speaker at the Multistakeholder Forum, held on 22nd October 2020 and organised by the TInnGO project. Her presentation can be watched through this video on our YouTube channel.

The association Mujeres en Movimiento, with presence in Spain and Latin America, was born at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany, at the conference “Women Mobilising Women”, with the aim of promoting the incorporation of inclusion and equity in the construction of sustainable and safe cities. One of the objectives of this partnership is to consolidate and empower women’s leadership in the transport sector.

Previously, Marta Serrano, who is a civil engineer specialising in Transport and Urban Design, has worked in the management of projects and studies related to transport planning, mainly for people, urban design, infrastructure planning, traffic engineering and urban planning. She was also Director of Communication and Consultancy at EMT Madrid (2015 to 2019), and subsequently Head of Operations at EMT Fuenlabrada (Madrid, Spain), the position she held until her arrival in Valencia.

The TInnGO project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, has 10 hubs or coordination centres across Europe. The Spanish hub of TInnGO, led by ITENE and which counts with Mujeres en Movimiento among the collaborating entities, is in charge of analysing the situation of women in relation to safety, as well as promoting the improvement of their job opportunities in the transport sector. The hub also promotes the provision of mobility services adapted to women, taking into account their patterns and needs and their employment and working conditions.

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