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UK Hub conducting walkability studies

Researchers from UK TInnGO Hub collected rich in-depth ethnographic data during walkability audits with female participants in Coventry. Walking audit...

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Mobility provider introduces inclusive mobility services with “Socialinis taksi” assistance

The most popular shared mobility and shuttle service provider in Baltic countries “Bolt” is cooperating with “Socialinis taksi” (transportation compan...

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Impact of COVID-19 on mobility of disabled persons

The Covid-19 pandemic brought restrictions on travelling followed by changes in road and pavement allocation. Positive outcome was that in many cities...

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Atelier accessibilité et mobilités partagées – Mairie de Paris

L’Agence de la Mobilité de la Mairie de Paris organise un atelier afin de sensibiliser les différents opérateurs de services de mobilité partagé...

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Food delivery robots on UK streets

While we often understand mobility as the ability to move or travel freely, new technological innovation and alternative transport modes are trying to...

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