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TInnGO launches Incident Reporting Tool

We are excited to announce the release of our new tool for reporting incidents in public spaces and transport. The tool is for research purposes only....

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Baltic hub virtual discussion with career centre consultants

Inspiring education: an online tool for teachers

The work done in WP9 of TInnGO aimed at evaluating the imbalances in educational provision in the STEM domain, given the active link with the Smart Mo...

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Gender Impact Assessment in transport

The European Commission defines Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) the following way:  “The estimation of the different effects (positive, negativ...

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Why more and more OECD countries switch to Gender Budgeting

Gender Budgeting, as its name shows, has its focus on the gender aspects of financial patterns and decisions. As OECD reported in 2019,&nbsp...

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What is norm criticism and why is it useful?

First, one should rather ask: what is NOT norm criticism?  Norm criticism does not mean that we criticise the fact that we have norms in socie...

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With the 4R method towards a more gender-balanced transport

A possible method for collecting and analysing data related to gender equality in transport-related institutions is based on the so-called 4R: represe...

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Staircase Models: step by step towards gender equality

There are many great ways to make members of institutions, communities and organisations aware of historical inequalities, male bias and imbalanced po...

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What is Gender Equality Training?

The Gender Equality Training (GET) is a knowledge-enhancing activity and a response to existing power imbalance between genders that has resulted in g...

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Measuring gender in transport without reproducing fallacies

When researching the role of gender in transport, it is crucial to be aware of the complexities of both gender as a category and of the specific spati...

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