Gender and diversity in biking workshop

Gender and diversity in biking workshop

Gender and diversity in biking workshop

On 20 October 2020 from 10.00 to 12.00, VTI and the University of Copenhagen will hold an online workshop on gender and diversity in biking.

This workshop is part of a series of activities that are being carried out within the Smart Biking Living Lab hosted by VTI and the University of Copenhagen. This lab, taking place from 2019 to 2021, aims to explore the mobility needs of diverse groups of citizens and widen mainstream transport planning and research by:

  • developing smart biking designs and planning approaches that take into consideration users’ differences
  • establishing a stakeholder network with representatives from the Oresund region, including the public and private sector, NGOs and grassroots movements
  • hosting a series of workshops in which problems and possibilities with smart biking are explored and defined.


Previous studies about bike sharing services conclude that “one size fits all” is the dominating business model. Previous studies also point to the idea that users predominately are affluent young white men. In this workshop we will present alternatives to the “one size fits all business model” and reflect on how to widen the scope of bike sharing in the Oresund region.

10.00-10.30: Introduction to the workshop and a summary on what have we done since we met a year ago with a focus on BSS user’s and non-user’s experiences.

Break (15 min)

10.45-11.05: Emma Kangas: the Bicycle Library–the Swedish municipality Helsingborg offers citizens the possibility of borrowing a variety of bikes for free

11.05-11.25: Jonna Tabor: Kajteroz–the Chorzówcity bike system that includes 460 bicycles of varied models

11:25-11.45: Agne Milukaite: Cycle.Land–the peer to peer social marketplace that provides a global platform for people to share and borrow bikes

11.45-12.00: Summing up


The workshop will take place on the online platform Teams. Please register here before 16 October.

Download the workshop flyer here.

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