TInnGO Romanian Hub: Education brings Elevation

TInnGO Romanian Hub: Education brings Elevation

TInnGO Romanian Hub: Education brings Elevation

Romania, the Balkans and in general, South-Eastern Europe needs – maybe more than everyone else – strong inputs in order to “catch up” with the rest of the developed countries, in almost all major sectors. We believe that one of the most important is the education sector and there’s where the Romanian Hub of TInnGO project is taking actions at all levels, in order to improve the quality of education, especially in the transport and smart mobility zone.

As an active part of the TInnGO European hub network, the Romanian Hub is working hard daily to find inspiring female models to promote, who are active in the field of transport and smart mobility. Also, through surveys, questionnaires, webinars, focus groups, public events and actions, seminars and workshops, we are trying to develop strong and sustainable mentorship programs, in order to improve and enhance the representation and visibility of women in smart mobility field, which nowadays represents an insufficiently approached subject in our country.  Through the join efforts of Alba Iulia Municipality team, INTECO team and all of our relevant stakeholders, this paradigm will soon be changed. The Romanian Hub is about discovering, learning, knowing and sharing the knowledge.

This is the TInnGO Romanian Hub. This is us. You’re more than welcome to join us!

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