Copia de Gif TDM & Final Conference - Day 1 (820 x 615 px)

TInnGO and DIAMOND European projects showcase new approaches and tools for boosting gender equality and diversity in smart mobility

During TInnGO and DIAMOND Final Conference, organised in conjunction with the 10th International Travel Demand Management Symposium, project partners ...

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Romanian TinnGo team proudly salutes Alice Ene (ROU), the youngest woman drift champion of Europe

She is only fourteen, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming Europe’s drift queen. Her name is Alice Ene and her wonderland is on the motor circuit...

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Promote ‘gender equality culture’ instead of ‘macho culture’ in Transport organisations

Summary of a Workshop on Gender Equality within the Transport Sector in Sweden Mentorship is needed to support women within the transportation sect...

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190123-24 TInnGO KoM in Lisbon (71)

TInnGO and DIAMOND European projects to host an international final conference gathering over 60 experts in gender in transport

TInnGO and DIAMOND projects, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, will showcase new approaches, data, tools and action ...

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West Midlands Cycle Hire

West Midlands cycling hire scheme operates now across the region with bikes in Birmingham, Coventry, Sandwell, Stourbridge, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield...

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parking for pregnant women and women with children

Innovative variations in the Italian Highway Code

Innovatiche changes are introduced in the Italian Highway Code. They are immediately operational from today, Wednesday 10 November, after the publicat...

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10th International Travel Demand Management (TDM) Symposium & TInnGO and DIAMOND final conference

The 10th International TDM and the EU projects DIAMOND and TInnGO’s final conference will be jointly held from 17 to 19 November 2021 in a virtual for...

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TInnGO German Hub – Explanatory Video on TInnGO and its Observatory in German

The TInnGO German Hub has created a video that explains in German Language, what the Observatory is all about and how to use it. Have a look at it:

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TInnGO posts (16)

More women are using the metropolitan public transport system in Alba Iulia, according to a local survey

The public transport system managed by Alba Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport (AIDA – PT) has experienced steady development...

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A project to tackle the gender gap in mathematics in Piedmont

According to the last international assessments, Italy has the highest gender gap in math (GGM), which is increasing with age and is most significant ...

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