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The Scandinavian TInnGO Hub aims to explore the diverse mobility needs of different groups of citizens and to develop smart biking approaches that take these differences into consideration in the design and planning of relevant mobility measures. By exploring the diversity of transport needs, the Hub aims to widening the outreach of mainstream transport research, which traditionally has worked from a ‘one fits all’ approach.

The Scandinavian Hub has set up a Smart Biking Living Lab. This includes the establishment of a stakeholder network with representatives from the Oresund region, including the public and private sector, NGOs and grass roots movements. The living lab is to host a series of workshops where problems and possibilities with smart biking are explored and defined.


The Scandinavian Hub is managed by Copenhagen University and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

Contact us:
Ms Michala Hvidt Breengaard

Mr Malin Henriksson

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