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The German TInnGO Hub focuses on conceptualising and strengthening the participation culture and, in the course of this, also on the evaluation of mobility data with regard to gender and diversity- specific issues. In order to encourage and implement a successful participation culture, the Hub
aims to create a variety of concepts, which are oriented towards their target groups and they can be integrated into the respective structure of an organisation.

The German Hub is promoting participatory culture as a key-part of the mobility planning process and in particular, where the mobility needs of different user groups like young adults, woman or people with special needs to be considered. Also, gender-sensitive mobility data for mobility planning are explored and further developed to cater different user groups.


The German Hub is managed by the Technische Universität Ilmenau and Plan und Rat, a planning and consulting office with a focus on municipal transport planning and experts’ activities in research and development projects.

Contact us:
Ms Cathleen Schöne

Mr Malin Henriksson

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