TInnGO is calling for entrepeneurial and businesswoman in the field of Smart Mobility and transport to participate in our project, sharing their experience and help change gender inequalities in transport provision. Click here to be redirected to our call for participants! Share this call with your network and help us to hear these important voices.


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The UK TInnGO Hub aims to further understanding of the specific transport requirements and needs of different groups of women, such as older women and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The Hub performs gender impact assessments of new technologies and business models applied in the transport sector, to assess their acceptance and to provide evidence on their non-discriminatory performance.

The UK Hub is geared on the inclusion of traditionally excluded groups of women. It is a resource that aims to strengthen research on rural transport and gendered discourses around Smart Mobility and to enable the measurement of the impact of new vehicles in the inclusion of women.

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The UK Hub is managed by Coventry University, SOCIETAL Travel CIC, a Social Enterprise created to tackle transportation challenges, and Transport for West Midlands.

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Kat Gut – ad4463@coventry.ac.uk

Felipe Moreira – ad3994@coventry.ac.uk

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