MaaS-pilot appreciated among users

MaaS-pilot appreciated among users

MaaS-pilot appreciated among users

Tenants in Gothenburg have participated in a 3-month MaaS pilot-project. The participants tried an app-based mobility service which offers electrical assisted bikes, electric cars, and public transport tickets. The project is now undergoing review.

The project’s “Mobility Broker” purpose is to offer users sustainable transport services, guidance, and create opportunities to live in the city without owning a car. Other benefits may be that fewer parking lots are needed which will create space for more housing.

Since the end of October 2020, 70 participants used the app EC2B to try the mobility services. The number of participants is low, considering that the service was offered to 1400 tenants which suggest difficulties in persuading commuters into using MaaS-tools. However, the 70 tenants that did participate had overall positive experiences.

Mobility Broker is part of a research project “DenCity” which is aiming to provide innovative solutions that are sustainable and surface efficient in urban areas.

Source: Nöjda hyresgäster testade mobilitet som tjänst i pilotprojekt – Trivector

More about DenCity: DenCity level 2 | CLOSER ( (in English)

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