Sharing mobility in Turin: where are we?

Sharing mobility in Turin: where are we?

Sharing mobility in Turin: where are we?


The first activities of the Italian Hub involved a baseline assessment of the shared mobility offer in the city at the time of the project kick-off. In 2019, it was possible to find three car sharing providers (two free floating, one station based – fully electric), two bike sharing providers (one free floating, one station based), and one motor scooter sharing provider. Taxi sharing services were available too, together with a good car pooling offer. Eight shared e-scooters operators have started their activity in late 2019.

These are the numbers and some characteristics found for each of the services available. Information is collected from the document prepared by Osservatorio Nazionale Sharing Mobility and from contacts in the Municipality.

Car sharing

  • 908 shared cars available, approximately 10 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants (31/12/2018)
  • Turin highest turnover rate in Italy: 6.2 rent/car/day
  • Station based service more appeal among women (41.1% of users)
  • One operator provide ISOFIX system in its cars for children car seat
  • No vehicles with children car seats installed

Bike sharing

  • 3000 free-floating bikes
  • More than 140 stations for the station-based service
  • Not accessible for younger than 16 years old
  • No bikes with children seat
  • Ongoing trial of nine bikes for users with special needs: six hand bikes and three easy bikes

Motor scooter sharing

  • New electric service started in Autumn 2018
  • Approximately 150 scooters available
  • 1.7 scooters per 10000 inhabitants
  • Two people can travel together on the scooter

Taxi sharing (E-hail)

  • Possible to know the cost of the taxi ride in advance
  • The ride sharing reduces the cost
  • Approximately 1400 taxi drivers (80% of whole taxi offer) entered the service in 2017
  • Cooperation with great events for discounts

Source: 3rd National Sharing Mobility Report

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