Knowing the Osservatorio Nazionale Sharing Mobility

Knowing the Osservatorio Nazionale Sharing Mobility

Knowing the Osservatorio Nazionale Sharing Mobility


The focus of TInnGO Italian Hub is on the capitalisation on shared mobility services to reduce the gender mobility gap. So, it has been fundamental to enter in contact with the Italian initiative Osservatorio Nazionale Sharing Mobility (Sharing Mobility National Observatory). This was created in 2015 to propose a collaborative platform that could join public and private institutions, shared mobility operators, and research in order to analyse, support, and promote this kind of mobility in Italy.


The Observatory is composed of a multiplicity of subjects involved in the development of shared mobility services. The variety of subjects gives the dimension of how varied and transversal is the phenomenon, bringing benefits not only directly related to the transport sector but also providing environmental, social, and economic impacts. Sharing mobility, and its growth is, therefore, the result of synergies involving not only the operators, who represent the core of the sector but also multiple stakeholders from institutions, from the industrial, commercial, academic sector and the field of research. The Observatory also produces different documents on this topic, as the 3rd National Sharing Mobility Report (available only in Italian) and Sharing Notes 2019 – Summary of data published in the National Report.

The Italian Hub will exploit this new connection to investigate researches already available on how gender affects shared mobility and will try to present its contribution to the theme at the national level.

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