Torino città per le donne - Torino, city for women

Torino città per le donne – Torino, city for women

Torino città per le donne - Torino, city for women


Turin, the city of the Italian Hub, will see the administrative election in 2021. An initiative, named “Torino città per le donne” (Torino, city for the women), has started with the aim to propose to all the candidate mayors a program designed to make the city, the first “City for women”.

The initiative is guided by 4 promoters: Antonella Parigi (Cultural Manager), Arianna Montorsi (Physics professor at Politecnico di Torino, who will be a speaker at this TInnGO Italian Hub event on 30th November), Laura Orestano (Socialfare CEO), Maria Claudia Vigliani (Neurologist of Città della Salute e della Scienza). A group of people has joined them with this question in mind: “Why should Torino next Mayor put at the centre of his/her electoral program the transformation of Torino as a city for women?” The easy answer is that women are a key resource for any policy aiming at true and relevant change.

“Torino città per le donne” is proposing a manifesto, available in its English version here, that is based on the actions and proposals to be operated in those 8 areas: to work, to live, to decide, to educate, to manage, to cohabit, to heal, to promote well-being.

The first event organised will be a MARATHON OF IDEAS on Saturday 28th November (join it here, source of the picture). It will be online and participated by guests and experts to listen to problems, needs and proposals and start working together for the future of our city, people and planet.

The TInnGO Italian Hub will try to contribute to the activities of this initiative thanks to the experience gained through the project.

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