Towards Inclusive Transportation

Towards Inclusive Transportation

Towards Inclusive Transportation

French hub workshop towards inclusive transportation

The French TInnGO hub, managed by LGI, is dedicated to exploring and studying women’s mobility needs in the Paris region. It will also act as a living lab to foster pioneering solutions for transport safety, mainly due to the high prevalence of sexual assault in Parisian public transport systems. New mobility modes, such as shared mobility, will also be analysed.

Over the last months, close collaboration has been engaged with two associations based in Paris: Femmes en Mouvement, a network that brings together professionals and experts in transport and mobility to advance and promote women’s positions in the sector, and Womenability, an association that aims to highlight and scale up solutions to rebalance gender equality in cities.

Workshop participants at work at the Car Sharing Campout

A first common action with the two associations was carried out with the organisation of a workshop: Towards Inclusive Transportation. It was held during  the Car Sharing Campout, an event dedicated to shared mobility and car sharing in particular, which took place in Paris from 14-15 October.

The workshop gathered key automotive players, mobility actors and policymakers to work on future challenges in mobility and design gender-inclusive solutions for different transportation modes: biking, walking, metro/bus and shared mobility.

“This workshop was a great opportunity to communicate about the exciting research that is being performed by the TInnGO project. It not only allowed participants to better comprehend how transport modes and services can impact women but also opened up more general discussions on gender issues, which is great to raise awareness amongst different types of actors who can contribute to making transport smarter and more inclusive,” said Esti Sanvicente (LGI), French hub representative.

In the next months, the hub will be carrying out a stakeholder analysis and policy mapping, studying mobility patterns and new business models, and digging into security and accessibility.

Exploratory walks in four neighborhoods – two in Paris and two in the metropolitan area – will also be organised with Womenability to collect the perceptions of women on (shared) mobility, security and accessibility.

All of the data collected and results of the work will be shared on the French hub page of the TInnGO Observatory:

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