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COVID and academic effects on women

Discussions surrounding the effects of the COVID pandemic on women academics are starting to highlight its impacts. Although there are differences in ...

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UK’s Fab Lab producing PPE for NHS staff

Fab Lab, one of TInnGO’s partners, is manufacturing straps for face masks to make them more comfortable for frontline NHS staff to wear during t...

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Women leaders in Covid19

Women leaders and Covid-19’s responses

Forbes has just published an article about the work of various women leaders around the world and their administration in dealing with the Covid-19 pa...

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COVID-19, self-isolation and gender

COVID-19, self-isolation and gender: sharing experiences

According to the United Nations Population Fund, pandemics such as the one we’re living at the moment make existing inequalities even worse. Women, gi...

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Survey for female researchers in transport

Survey for female researchers in transport

TInnGO’s is recruiting female researchers in STEM and transport in regards to their professional career. We’re investigating roles and con...

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WEMOBILE: a stage setting for TInnGO

One of the antecedents of TInnGO was Andree’s AHRC global challenge network grant, looking at gender transport poverty in Malaysia and Pakistan. ...

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International Women's Day

2020 International Women’s Day Celebrated with West Midlands Women’s Alliance

The UK TInnGO Hub celebrated the International Women’s Day with West Midlands Women’s Alliance – a unique network of women working i...

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European Network of Living Labs

TInnGO at the European Network of Living Labs

The TInnGO project was represented at the recent council meeting of European Network of Living Labs in Brussels by Andree and Gregg Jones, Director Co...

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Focus group codesigning activities

Empathy module final day

Last week, on the 18th and 19th of February, we had our students presenting their prototype to our group of elders. An evaluation from the elders was ...

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travel survey UK hub

Travel Survey for Academics

Are you an academic? Do you travel to work? We want to know what you think. TInnGO (Transport Innovation Gender Observatory) wants to hear about ex...

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