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Mobility and COVID-19: How should we redesign transport for a new future?

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (Instituto de Salud Global, ISGlobal) has published at CONAMA—a Spanish, independent and non-profit foundati...

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COVID and academic effects on women

Discussions surrounding the effects of the COVID pandemic on women academics are starting to highlight its impacts. Although there are differences in ...

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effects of the pandemic on gender balance

Lithuanian sociologists on the impact of the pandemic on society and gender balance

The academic community in Lithuania did not miss out on the phenomenal impact of the quarantine on Lithuanian society. Vilnius University sociologists...

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UK’s Fab Lab producing PPE for NHS staff

Fab Lab, one of TInnGO’s partners, is manufacturing straps for face masks to make them more comfortable for frontline NHS staff to wear during t...

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TInnGo countries and hubs- united in actions, hopes and prayers

The crisis generated by the new Sars-Cov-2 virus, probably the most powerful virus that humanity has fought in modern times, forces us all to take imm...

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PPE’s for key female workers

The problem with PPE’s for key female workers

Women account for 75% of the medical workforce in the UK. Yet, they are not properly protected by their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), mainly de...

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Covid impact on mobility behaviour

TU Dresden: Survey on Corona and mobility behaviour

The novel virus SARS-CoV-2 has developed suddenly and is already having a major impact on daily life, including our mobility behaviour. Therefore, the...

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Women leaders in Covid19

Women leaders and Covid-19’s responses

Forbes has just published an article about the work of various women leaders around the world and their administration in dealing with the Covid-19 pa...

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Mobility in Paris in times of COVID19

Mobility in Paris in times of COVID19

From the French Hub, some interesting news regarding mobility patterns and initiatives during the COVID-19 crisis in Paris. Hard times for shared ...

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COVID-19, self-isolation and gender

COVID-19, self-isolation and gender: sharing experiences

According to the United Nations Population Fund, pandemics such as the one we’re living at the moment make existing inequalities even worse. Women, gi...

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