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The TInnGO hubs are conducting a survey on changes in mobility patterns after Covid-19

The TInnGO hubs are conducting a survey to gather information about mobility patterns of citizens in Europe during the Covid-19 crisis and comparing t...

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Beautiful young scientist working at the laboratory

Baltic hub holds a consultation series with schools from the Baltic region

In order to gather information on student career choices, especially those related with STEM studies, the Baltic hub has carried out consultations wit...

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effects of the pandemic on gender balance

Lithuanian sociologists on the impact of the pandemic on society and gender balance

The academic community in Lithuania did not miss out on the phenomenal impact of the quarantine on Lithuanian society. Vilnius University sociologists...

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Baltic hub virtual discussion with career centre consultants

Baltic HUB has virtual discussion with the consultants of career centre

The unequal gender distribution in transport sector is closely related with the gender disproportionality in the STEM related study fields. This field...

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Baltic Hub fokus group on women career

Baltic hub holds a focus group discussion on women career in Mobility

The Baltic Hub of the TInnGO project, which is based in Vilnius, held a focus group meeting on 10th January in Smart Continent headquarters. The parti...

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Baltic hub gender equality and diversity

Baltic HUB is ready to greet new members

The Baltic hub is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and covers all three Baltic countries on the matter of the gender equality and diversity in the field o...

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