“When and Where”: the app to come back home safe




Development of an APP to make women feel safe when they return home alone.


Five students around 16 years old have developed an APP through a programme organised by Technovation Challenge. When & where is an intuitive app that detects anomalies in your route when you go for a run or a walk and alerts the person named as your emergency contact.

The application can be used in two modes: Start, when the user does not have a fixed destination, and Take me to, when he does know where he wants to go. The app detects if you have stopped or if you have deviated from the route, then it sends you a message to confirm if you are ok and, if you don’t answer or your answer is negative, it warns the person you have chosen as your emergency contact.

The development of the APP brought the five young girls the third award of the competition.

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