Transport Connectivity: A Gender Perspective


International Transport Forum

Transport connectivity is a crucial factor in economic development- connecting people to opportunities and businesses to markets enhances potential for inclusive growth and prosperity. In Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations highlights that better transport connectivity improves mobility and serves ultimately as a catalyst for integration between local communities, cities, regions and countries.

This compendium is a collection of voices from international organisations, governments, businesses and academia on the importance of transport connectivity as a factor in women’s empowerment. It showcases that enhanced transport connectivity provides better access for women and girls to education, jobs and other opportunities. It highlights that transport planning should consider the needs of, and optimise access to opportunities, for all travellers equally. International Transport Forum (ITF) stakeholders propose solutions for better transport connectivity for women and girls; solutions that ultimately result in more inclusive and sustainable transport. Examples from different modes of transport, including road, aviation and maritime are covered in this report.