“Report it to stop it” campaign




To encourage women and everyone in general to report sexual harassment to the authorities.


London transport authorities carried out a study in which they identified that only 10% of women reported sexual harassment suffered while using the underground to the authorities.

As a result, London Tube launched a campaign in 2015 in which they published a promotional video giving instructions on how to report sexual harassment easily. The video had a huge impact.


The one-minute video has had more than 25 million views on YouTube alone. It has also been shared on social media and has reached young people in a series of educational sessions in schools and universities.

In 2017, a new stage of the campaign was launched with a video promoting the message: Every Report Builds a Picture.

The ‘Report it to Stop it’ campaign has directly led to more than a thousand arrests of people who have sexually harassed others in the public transport network, according to TfL’s analysis of the programme.

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