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How scientific responses to Covid-19 reveal long standing patriarchy

A letter from 35 female scientists emerged in the media stating that global health crisis responses in the scientific environment have displayed sexis...

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Webinar on active travel post-lockdown

Click here to watch Commonplace’s webinar exploring future scenarios for a post-lockdown UK. They discuss, among many things, how active travel – walk...

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TInnGO Romanian Hub is helping Alba Iulia seniors

V stands for Volunteers. V stands for Victory! Designed from scratch as a game changer in European transport and a promoter of gender equality and ...

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STEM and gender disparities at work

The Pew Research Centre has published a study on STEM gender disparities at work, especially in the computer sciences and other male-oriented workplac...

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TInnGO Exploratory Walks: a tool for understanding mobility practices in Paris

Deepening the research on mobility patterns in the Paris Region, the TInnGO French Hub (led by LGI Sustainable Innovation) has developed a methodology...

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Recommendations Ministry of Ecological Transition

The Spanish Government encourages the local authorities to promote the use of the bicycle

The situation of confinement and the need for social distancing due to COVID-19 have made the bicycle a safe mode of transport to circulate in cities....

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Mobility and COVID-19: How should we redesign transport for a new future?

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (Instituto de Salud Global, ISGlobal) has published at CONAMA—a Spanish, independent and non-profit foundati...

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Romanian Hub survey

Romanian Hub runs a survey on gender equality and diversity in the transport area

“Smart mobility” is an emerging area in the transport sector that will mean new ways of travelling, with new services and new types of inf...

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COVID and academic effects on women

Discussions surrounding the effects of the COVID pandemic on women academics are starting to highlight its impacts. Although there are differences in ...

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effects of the pandemic on gender balance

Lithuanian sociologists on the impact of the pandemic on society and gender balance

The academic community in Lithuania did not miss out on the phenomenal impact of the quarantine on Lithuanian society. Vilnius University sociologists...

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