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Gender, diversity and transport in post-pandemic Latin American

Angie Palacio’s piece on gender and diversity is an interesting approach to how transport in Latin America can operate in a post-pandemic area. She di...

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Webinars: Women in Transport

“In this invited sessions we combine speakers covering a policy and planning oriented transport domain (mixed with a scientific/research) to con...

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Gears for queers – an intersectional cycling experience

Recently released, ‘Gears for Queers’ is an autobiographical account of a queer couple cycling through a brexit-looming Europe. Abi (she/h...

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Webinar on active travel post-lockdown

Click here to watch Commonplace’s webinar exploring future scenarios for a post-lockdown UK. They discuss, among many things, how active travel – walk...

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STEM and gender disparities at work

The Pew Research Centre has published a study on STEM gender disparities at work, especially in the computer sciences and other male-oriented workplac...

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COVID and academic effects on women

Discussions surrounding the effects of the COVID pandemic on women academics are starting to highlight its impacts. Although there are differences in ...

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UK’s Fab Lab producing PPE for NHS staff

Fab Lab, one of TInnGO’s partners, is manufacturing straps for face masks to make them more comfortable for frontline NHS staff to wear during t...

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Women leaders in Covid19

Women leaders and Covid-19’s responses

Forbes has just published an article about the work of various women leaders around the world and their administration in dealing with the Covid-19 pa...

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COVID-19, self-isolation and gender

COVID-19, self-isolation and gender: sharing experiences

According to the United Nations Population Fund, pandemics such as the one we’re living at the moment make existing inequalities even worse. Women, gi...

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Survey for female researchers in transport

Survey for female researchers in transport

TInnGO’s is recruiting female researchers in STEM and transport in regards to their professional career. We’re investigating roles and con...

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