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Engaging and fostering solutions to gender-sensitive smart mobility challenges in the European transport ecosystem

A sustainable game change in European transport

TInnGO aims to become the reference portal for all issues related to gender and mobility in the EU.

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A significant shift is needed to make European transport safe, efficient, technologically advanced, sustainable and accessible. Issues of gender in the transport and mobility ecosystem have come to the fore as an important target for providing all European citizens with equal access to life opportunities.


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Transportation, mobility and security: a matter of gender? transportation-gender-security

Transportation, mobility and security: a matter of gender?

The difference between the sexes has long been ignored in the fields of both planning and transport. In the past, tra

Gender equality and mobility: mind the gap! civitas-gender-mobility

Gender equality and mobility: mind the gap!

Achieving the target of sustainability in urban mobility also means considering the needs of different users and ther

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